Food security and climate change, the pressing reality of Mozambique

In 2019, Mozambique was the most affected country world-wide by the impacts of extreme weather events. It scored fifth over the period 2000-2019 (Global Climate Risk Index 2021). While the country only contributes 0.1 - 0.2% to global emission, Mozambique is the 38th most vulnerable and the 13th least ready country to address the effects of climate change. Historical trends indicate there is a strong relationship between food insecurity and exposure to climate hazards. As 70% of the population depend on climate-sensitive agricultural production for their food and livelihoods, increased frequency and intensity of storms, droughts and floods are likely to pose pressure on agricultural income undermining 25% of the country’s economy, 70% of livelihoods, as well as the food and nutrition security of the whole country.