Women and Men in India 2020

Gender equality has been increasingly recognized as being essential to the process of sustainable development and the formulation of effective national development policies and programmes. Gender statistics and indicators are important tools for promoting gender equality and implementing a gender mainstreaming approach throughout the entire policy cycle. The demand for gender statistics has increased over the years owing to increased gender sensitization, gender mainstreaming in policies and international conventions. Promoting gender equality has been the priority of the Government both at policy and action level. Gender statistics aim to 'reflect differences and inequalities in the situation of women and men in all areas of life' and thus provide much needed evidence for policymaking for bridging the gender based disparities. In order to meet the gender disaggregated data needs of policy makers& planners and other relevant stakeholders, the National Statistical Office has been bringing out annual publication entitled "Women and Men in India" since 1995 and the current issue is the twenty second in the series.

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