Assessment of ground water resources: a review of international practices

Sustainable development and management of ground water resources necessitates assessment of availability of ground water, its existing utilisation and balance resources for future utilisation. In India, ground water resources estimation at a Country/ State level is being carried out at periodical intervals. These estimates form one of the key indices for identification of areas for implementation of various government sponsored schemes/ programmes like artificial recharge and rain water harvesting schemes, ground water development schemes, ground water regulation programmes etc. Hence the methodology of ground water resources estimation in the country is reviewed periodically with an objective to bring in refinements in the methodology. For this purpose, the R&D Advisory Committee on Ground Water Estimation, a Standing Committee constituted by Ministry of Water Resources to look into various aspects of ground water resources estimation including review of the methodology decided to explore and examine the best practices adopted by various countries in the field of ground water resources estimation. In view of this, this report was compiled with the objectives to: Review international practices in ground water resource assessment; and To recommend improvements in the existing methodology in view of recent advancements in technologies, past experiences, status of data availability and international best practices.

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