Rio+20: Begining of a Global Transformation and new multilateralism

  • 26/06/2012

The significance of Rio + 20 does not lie in any document but in the new direction provided to global governance, whose focus should be on patterns of natural resource use, and not just on natural capital, to ensure human well being. The sequel to the 1992 Earth Summit, once again in Brazil, with around 100 heads of state participating, takes a forward looking perspective by setting the agenda for a global transformation. The outcome represents a set of compromises by all, which can be considered an optimum result in a multi polar world, considering the strategic nature of the issues on which a consensus was needed – ‘the future we want’. The global consensus also signals the emergence of a new multilateralism with Brazil, China and India beginning to shape the global agenda. Not surprisingly heads of state from these countries, rather than those from the major G7 countries participated in the Conference. Full text of Blog by Mukul Sanwal is attached herewith.

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