• 27/02/1999

A recent study carried out by a medical team from the Calicut Medical College (CMC), Kerala, has reported that morbidity levels are quite high in populations affected by pollution caused by Grasim units in Mavoor in Kerala.

Entitled Morbidity Survey of Populations Affected by Pollution from a Rayon Factory Compared to a Control Population , the study was led by K P Aravindan of the department of pathology, CMC. The study reports high levels of morbidity in Olavanna and Peruvayal panchayats . Both are located on the banks of the Chaliyar river, into which the Grasim units discharge its toxic effluents. High disease rates were also reported in Vazhakkad panchayat, directly hit by the toxic fumes emitted by the factories.

The study compared the morbidity levels in these three panchayats with figures obtained for the control area at distant Chathamangalam panchayat , which is unaffected by pollution from the factory. The study was limited to morbidity with respect to just three diseases

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