Ending Africa’s chronic food insecurity: what the G20 can do

After improving between 2000 and 2013, hunger levels have significantly worsened in Africa in the years since. While global food insecurity is currently at an all-time high, Africa's record in addressing undernutrition was not impressive even in the pre-pandemic era when growth rates were higher. There are several challenges to food security in Africa, including short-term external shocks such as the pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war, and long-term concerns such as climate change, conflict, poor agricultural productivity, and low domestic priority to food security. Given the G20's influence in the governance of major international issues, it is the ideal platform for a global response to address Africa's food insecurity concerns. This paper recommends the announcement of a special package (with a substantial initial contribution from India) to support policy actions over the short and long term to make Africa food secure.