Decentralised renewable energy for SDG7: a compendium of global good practices

This compendium meticulously identifies and collates the emerging good practices to mainstream Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions. Envisioned as a ‘practitioners’ guide’ for the public- and private sector leaders, it synthesises ‘replicable and actionable lessons’ to fast-track DRE deployment for achieving the SDGs. A just and inclusive global energy transition is incomplete without universal energy access. At the current pace of progress, the IEA estimates that 660 million people in the Global South will still lack electricity access by 2030 – the year targeted to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). DRE offers faster and more cost-effective solutions to increasing electricity access in rural or remote areas with lower population densities. Additionally, meeting the energy demand of emerging economies via renewable sources allows for a ‘double leapfrog’ towards energy access and clean energy. Thus, it is essential to recognise and mainstream DRE in order to realise a citizen-centric global energy transition.