Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding brick kilns in Budgam, Jammu & Kashmir, 14/07/2023

  • 14/07/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Syed Riyaz Vs Union Territory of J&K & Others dated 14/07/2023. The matter related to unauthorized operation of near about 200 brick kilns in district Budgam, Union Territory Jammu & Kashmir in violation of environmental norms.

The applicant has submitted that brick kilns are working without NoC/renewal of license. The brick kilns are using unscientific chimney system which causes clouds of smoke and scattered dust particles and causes serious health hazards to local residents. The concerned authorities are not taking any action.

The NGT through its order, September 19, 2022 directed the SPCB to submit the factual and action taken report. The committee visited the brick kilns operating in district Budgam in December 2022.

The committee during inspection observed that most of the brick kilns established and functional throughout the district are violating the different environmental laws/consent conditions and they have various negative effects not only on human health but also on the agricultural production of the area where such brick kilns are located.

The J & K Pollution Control Committee was directed by the NGT to take action in accordance with rules and ensure that brick kilns must be brought within the ambit of the consent conditions and brick kiln which are in operation without the consent of State Pollution Control Board, must be taken seriously and action be initiated in accordance with the law. The NGT, July 14, 2023 directed that no new brick kiln or expansion of existing unit be permitted till J & K PCB ensures compliance and availability of carrying capacity to maintain ambient air quality norms.