Identifying pathways for scaling up climate-smart agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an evolving concept at the centre of global food security, climate action, and disaster risk reduction. The G20 leaders have resolved to adopt a climate-smart pathway for food and nutrition security through several declarations. Attaining the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit the global mean temperature rise to 1.5℃ will not be possible without transitioning the world’s agri-food systems in a climate-friendly manner. CSA provides an encompassing framework to address mitigation, adaptation, and productivity challenges. This Policy Brief recommends a pathway that the G20 leaders and other intergovernmental collaborations could lead to accelerate CSA adoption: Existing multi-stakeholder platforms can be strengthened for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information exchange; an enabling environment for deploying CSA should be created; and the planning, adoption, and implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) processes for CSA should be accelerated.