Reply by Northern Coalfields, Khadia Project, Sonebhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, 14/06/2023

  • 14/06/2023

Additional reply on behalf of Northern Coalfields Ltd., Khadia projects in terms of the National Green Tribunal order dated March 14, 2023 in the matter of Sanjay Kushwaha Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others.

The reply by Northern Coalfields, Khadia project was in response to the report filed by the Committee of District Magistrate, Sonebhadra and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board. Northern Coalfields said that in response to the recommendations of the joint committee a PTZ camera has been installed to monitor cement concrete road construction and movement of vehicles carrying coal. Continuous water sprinkling was being done and was being monitored on a daily basis.

Green belt is being developed besides the haul road and as per existing scenario, a 10 meter strip will not be available for the purpose of green belt development. However, gap plantation will be done by Khadia project, wherever required as a routine measure after construction of 2.4 m high boundary wall. In addition, cement concrete road has been completed for the affected area including Chilkatand village and vehicles transporting minerals are now being transported through the said road.

Vehicles carrying coal are kept covered with tarpaulin and not being overloaded. The report assaured the court that the Northern Coalfields Ltd., Khadia Project is taking appropriate remedial action in accordance with statutory provisions for prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution/degradation and for protection and improvement of environment.

The matter related to pollution due to movement of vehicles carrying coal to NCL Khadia project in Chilkadad village.