Reducing malnutrition across G20 countries by half by 2030

More than half of the world’s malnutrition disease burden is borne by the G20 countries. This includes malnutrition related to undernutrition, obesity, and noncommunicable diseases. This policy brief recommends the G20 countries affirm a target of reducing the malnutrition burden by 50 percent by 2030. Further, it suggests the establishment of a permanent G20 Nutrition Institute to provide an array of nutrition related recommendations (which can include broad principles on tackling malnutrition, such as the separation of public vs. clinical nutrition interventions, the creation of a dedicated nutrition cadre, and the establishment of a nutrition ministry as part of national governance structures). It also recommends the G20 take the lead in shifting the focus on the impact of malnutrition away from deaths and incidences towards disability adjusted life years.