Compact cities electrified: Egypt

Addressing the climate crisis will require rapid, sustained transformation in every country and every sector of industrial activity. Recent research by ITDP and the University of California, Davis, with support from the ClimateWorks Foundation, modeled the global changes that will be necessary to decarbonize urban passenger transport and found that vehicle electrification and modal shift combined are critical policy approaches for reducing transport emissions. While this previous study was both global and regional, ITDP is now producing a series of country-specific Compact Cities Electrified roadmaps that will highlight regional contexts and data. The first in the series, Compact Cities Electrified: Egypt, takes a closer look at single country: Egypt. ITDP’s research identifies four highly ambitious, but feasible, scenarios for the next 30 years of Egypt’s urban transport. Among the four scenarios — Business-As-Usual, High Electrification, High Shift, and Electrification + Shift — the brief finds that only a Electrification + Shift approach can help Egypt mitigate its urban transport emissions and prevent the worst effects of climate change.