Report filed by Shailesh Singh regarding contamination of groundwater by a slaughter house in Ghazipur, Delhi, 30/06/2022

  • 30/06/2022

Objections by Shailesh Singh (applicant) to the joint inspection report filed by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

The application filed in the court raised the issue of pollution and contamination of water/ groundwater caused by a slaughter house (M/s Allana) in Ghazipur, Delhi.

The slaughter house is running in the Ghazipur, Delhi even after expiry of the lease agreement and discharge its effluent waste/carcass residue into the groundwater and drains.

The applicant in his report to the NGT said that the DPCC inspection report misses some vital information:

  • Closure order issued by the DPCC, December 5, 2018 and it was not revoked.
  • The RTI reply of DPCC also reveals that consent never got renewed. More than 115 crore liter effluent has been discharged in 45 months into the river Yamuna.
  • More than 37 lakh animals have been slaughtered illegally.
  • The closure order was kept hidden for 10 months - it was not filed before the court and the same thing is happening with discharge of effluent waste.