Situation assessment of agricultural households and land and livestock holdings of households in rural India, 2019

National Statistical Office (NSO) in its 77th round of survey, conducted during the period 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019, carried out a survey on “Land and Livestock Holdings of Households and Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households” in the rural areas of India with an integrated schedule of enquiry. Prior to 77th round, Land and Livestock Holding Surveys (LHS) and Situation Assessment Survey (SAS) of Agricultural Households used to be conducted as separate surveys in separate sets of households. The integrated survey on Land and Livestock holdings of Households and Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households, conducted in the rural areas of the country, had an objective of generating different indicators like: ownership and operational holdings of rural households; ownership of livestock; income, productive assets and indebtedness of agricultural households; farming practices of agricultural households; awareness and access to various technological developments in the field of agriculture; and receipts and expenditure of the agricultural households’ farm and non-farm businesses and receipts from all other economic activities pursued by the members of the agricultural households.