Starving Tigray: how armed conflict and mass atrocities have destroyed an Ethiopian region’s economy and food system and are threatening famine

This special report from the World Peace Foundation documents how Ethiopian and Eritrean belligerents in the war in Tigray have comprehensively dismantled the region’s economy and food system. It provide evidence of their ongoing actions to deprive people of objects and activities indispensable to their survival—actions that amount to international crimes. It track the process of deprivation conducted in a widespread and systematic manner. Also indicate where it is leading: in coming months, to mass starvation and a risk of famine; in the longer term, to sustained food insecurity and dependence on external assistance. All the 5.7 million people in Tigray are affected by this crisis, of whom the United Nations estimates that 4.5 million are ‘in need’. It is, first and foremost, an urgent humanitarian disaster demanding life-saving assistance. The World Peace Foundation urges all the belligerents to place the survival and welfare of the affected people above political and military goals.