Inspection report on the high level of TDS in the groundwater, Minjur town panchayat, Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu, 02/03/2021

  • 02/03/2021

Inspection report of the Joint Committee as per the National Green Tribunal, Southern Zone, Chennai order January 21, 2021 in Original Application No. 64/2020.

The matter related to high TDS level in the water collected from the borewells and TDS, chlorides and hardness of Minjur town which were not in conformity with the standard provided and thus not fit for drinking purposes.

The executive officer, Minjur town panchayat informed the Joint Committee constituted to look into the matter that there were no industries in the vicinity of Minjur town which could influence the increase of TDS and other parameters in ground water. After a detailed discussion, the Committee Members concluded that since Minjur Town Panchayat is a coastal town and the high value of TDS in the ground water is of natural phenomenon (sea water intrusion) and thus the quality of water was not affected by any industrial activity.

As per the CGWB report sea water has intruded upto 16 – 16.5 km inland in Minjur – Panjetty and thus no external sources of pollution contribution were reported in Minjur Town Panchayat area.

The report also mentioned the methods to be used to control sea water intrusion as per the Report of CGWB Ground Water Recharge of Coastal Areas:

1. Modification of ground water pumping and extraction pattern

2. Artificial recharge

3. Injection barrier

4. Sub-surface barrier

5. Tidal regulators