Report filed by Priyanka School, Bijnor on the operation of boilers of distillery unit of Dhampur Sugar Mills, Uttar Pradesh, 24/06/2020

  • 24/06/2020

Rejoinder affidavit filed on behalf of Priyanka Modern Sr. Secondary School Vs Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board & Others in response to the inspection report by UPPCB.

The grievance in the application was against the operation of boilers of distillery unit operated by M/s Dhampur Sugar Mills in district Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. It was said that the operation of the boilers was affecting the health of the students in the vicinity.

The report said that as per the inspection report furnished by the UPPCB it was clear that the building of Priyanka Modern School was only 100 meters away from the distillery unit and the 84 meter chimney of the boiler was only 135 meters away from the institute. Thus it becomes clear that in the event of any unfortunate incident, then the students studying in the school/ institute would bear the brunt. As per the health checkup organized by the Chief Medical Officer Bijnor, it was evident that children of Priyanka Modern School as well as natives of the suburbs are very adversely affected by the pollution of the M/s Dhampur Sugar Mills (distillery unit).

From the UPPCB report of December 10, 2019, it was evident that RSPM at different point within the industrial premises as well as in Priyanka Modern School were more than the prescribed norms. The main reason of the above limit of RSPM value in ambient air quality was due to handling of bagasse, heavy vehicular movement and fly ash handling in the industry.

The report by the school said that there was no permanent wall structure was made by the industry to prevent the dust from going towards the school premises which was affecting the students and no sprinklers were were set upto prevent dust emission. No green belt was maintained by the industry to prevent pollution and no safety measures had been taken up by the industry in case of mishap with the boiler of the distillery unit.

Priyanka School in its affidavit filed before the NGT requested that the court directs the UPPCB to take strict action against M/s Dhampur Sugar Mill (distillery unit) and direct the industry to shift its boiler unit to some other place in the premises. Note: The report of June 26, 2020 was uploaded to the NGT site on July 31, 2020