Economic Issues for Women in Texas 2020

Texas Women’s Foundation has released the findings of its Economic Issues for Women in Texas 2020 report, which examines the economic status of Texas women in regard to gender, race, and ethnicity. It showed that women make up half the population in the state—a significant part of the workforce—but still face challenges in regards to economic security. When it comes to key indicators like income, health insurance, college loan debt, and housing stability, there’s a gender disparity. Though the population of Texas women has grown 19 percent in the last decade, women are still the face of poverty in Texas, according to TXWF. Texas women are twice as likely to be uninsured compared with other women across the country, according to TXWF—more than 1.9 million adult women in the state are living without health insurance coverage. According to TXWF, for every hour that women in Texas work, they earn $2.83 less than a male counterpart (based on median hourly wages). On average, full-time female workers in the state earn $10,136 less a year. The gap is even larger when it comes to Black and Hispanic women.