Review of land tenure systems to support the creation of an enabling environment for agricultural transformation: report on Tanzania

The African Development Bank, through its African Natural Resource Center (ANRC), is undertaking a study to review the land tenure systems in a number of African countries as part of a wider multi-country level study to support the creation of an enabling environment for Agricultural Transformation on the Continent. The Bank’s Feed Africa Agricultural Transformation Strategy, which is aligned to the 2009 G8 commitments towards global food security, echoes the vision set out in the 2063 Strategy for Africa, and elaborates its support for the goals of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP). The four goals of CAADP are to: contribute to eliminating extreme poverty in Africa by 2025; end hunger and malnutrition in Africa by 2025; make Africa a net food exporter; and move Africa to the top of export-orientated global value chains where it has comparative advantage. Secure land tenure is critical to the attainment of these goals. This study provides insights into the status of land tenure in Tanzania and how it is related to potential increased agricultural productivity in the Country.