Forty-third report on hydro-power: Standing Committee on Energy (2018-19)

The Standing Committee on Energy present this Forty-Third Report on ‘Hydro-power’ relating to the Ministry of Power. The Committee, considering the greater importance of hydro power and the slow pace of its development in the country, took this subject for detailed examination. It is a matter of great concern that despite having numerous benefits and compelling need to have more balancing power in wake of huge upcoming renewable energy in the system; hydro power has not been paid the due attention. The fact that against the total potential of 2,41,844 MW hydro power including pumped storage scheme, only 45,399.22 MW is actually been utilized, speaks volumes. For optimum utilization of our hydro potential, there is a need for formulation of an enabling policy and taking this task on a mission mode with a timeline as it has already been done in case of development of solar and other renewable sources. During the examination of the subject it was felt that for the growth of hydro power sector the cooperation and coordination between the Central Government and the State Government has become a pre-requisite.

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