Amendement in CRZ Notification , 2011

With the deadline for receiving public suggestions and comments on the draft coastal regulations zone (CRZ) 2018 ending a fortnight back, the central government has carried out amendments for location of defence-related projects in CRZ and aspects related to the hazard line. The amendments to CRZ notification, 2011, issued by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) were published in the gazette of India dated July2, 2018, while the central government is yet to finalize the draft notification, raising eyebrows among environmental activists over the timing of the amendment. The amendment seeks to insert in paragrah 8 of CRZ notification, 2011, a new clause (g) to allow projects related to defence organizations of strategic requirement and national importance, which cannot be located elsewhere, but subject to strict environmental safeguards. As per CRZ1 in CRZ notification 2011, no new construction is permitted except projects relating to department ot atomic energy, pipelines, transmission lines, weather radar for monitoring of cyclones, trans-harbour sea link and development of greenfield airport already approved at only Navi Mumbai.

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