UN Climate Change Annual Report 2017

UN Climate Change yesterday launched its first-ever Annual Report, laying out the key 2017 achievements and pointing to the future of the climate change process. The report covers many areas of the 2017 work of UN Climate Change, which includes the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, as well as their bodies, institutional arrangements, organs and the secretariat. In 2017, UN Climate Change built the momentum of the global response to climate change and laid the groundwork for success and greater ambition in the coming years. The focus in 2017 was both on scaling up action, delivery on commitments before 2020 and on making progress to allow for the adoption of the outcomes of the Paris Agreement work programme at COP 24 in Katowice. By supporting the transfer of climate technology under the Convention based on the right science, tools and knowledge, UN Climate Change supported an increase in the ability of developing countries to adapt to the changing climate. Of course, governments cannot succeed alone. To amplify collective action encompassing every sector, UN Climate Change catalysed partnerships and cooperation across the globe. The Paris Agreement is an historic achievement that builds on more than two decades of progress in negotiations on climate change. It shows the firm commitment of countries to work together to limit global temperature rise, foster climate resilience, and align global financial flows towards low-emission, climate resilient development. After a three-year effort since adoption of the Paris Agreement, Parties are expected, at COP 24 in December 2018, to adopt the outcomes of the Paris Agreement work programme, detailing the modalities, procedures and guidelines needed to give full effect to the Agreement.

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