Judgement of the National Green Tribunal regarding industrial pollution caused by Matharau Chemical Industries, Sangrur District, Punjab, 06/07/2017

  • 06/07/2017

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Gurcharan Singh Matharu Vs Parminder Singh & Others dated 06/07/2017. This is a Review Application filed by Gurucharan Singh Matharu against the Judgement dated 23/09/2017 whereby Gurucharan Singh Matharu, Director of Matharu Chemical Industries along with other Respondent industrial units and their Directors have been declared to have polluted the air, land and water including groundwater by their industrial activities and produced and stored hazardous waste unauthorizedly without any proper disposal, and were further directed to contribute towards the cost of remediation of the problem in addition to cost.

NGT dismisses the Application on the grounds that the Review Applicant (Gurcharan Singh Matharu) cannot disown his obligations by merely transferring his right in the unit, and the groundwater was continued to be polluted ever since the date of their industrial activities from 1991 onwards.

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