World Energy Perspective 2016: Non-tariff measures - next steps for catalysing the low-carbon economy

Environmental goods represent a trade market of approximately US$ 1trillion annually. Reducing barriers to trade and investment would support cost effectiveness and efficient decarbonisation of the energy sector leading to more sustainable and accessible energy systems, finds a new report by the World Energy Council. While a number of international efforts have been progressing in the elimination of tariff barriers, a comprehensive initiative to phase out non-tariff barriers on products covered in the current multi-national environmental goods tariff negotiations could be undertaken. The World Energy Perspective 2016: ‘Non-tariff measures: next steps for catalysing the low-carbon economy’, published by the Council’s Rules of Trade Knowledge Network, includes experts from 28 countries. It explores how an open global trade and investment regime focussing on energy and environmental goods and services, can foster the transition to a low carbon economy.