Resilience insight: 12 cities assessment

This report presents a comprehensive framework for measuring the resilience of cities to a broad spectrum of shocks and stresses; from the sudden impact of flooding to the longer term process of urbanisation. The objective of the framework is to support international disaster reduction priorities such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction by providing a simple framework and tool to understand, measure and manage resilience. The report assesses 12 global cities as case studies: Bristol, Detroit, Dhaka, Glasgow, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Riyadh and Sao Paulo. The framework was used to evaluate three of these cities (Bristol, London and Sao Paulo) in further depth at a component level. The results of these in depth studies were validated in stakeholder workshops with experts from each city. The feedback from each workshop then informed the development of the framework.

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