Occurrence of vibrio cholerae in shrimp culture environments of Kerala, India

The present study was conducted in order to monitor the presence of in extensive and modified extensive shrimp culture systems. In extensive system, count ranged from 180 to 380 cfu ml-1 and 187 to 668 ml in modified extensive system. In the present study sediment registered highest load in both systems (1725-2708 cfu g and 2019 to 5699 cfu g ). In extensive system, percentage distribution of in water was 6.5, 7.2 and 16.6%, respectively, for pre monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon. In, modified extensive system, in water, percentage distribution of V. cholerae was the highest during post monsoon (11.3%) and the lowest during monsoon (8.3%). Pre monsoon registered 10.3% and annual mean, 10.3%. In the present study loads were found to increase with advancement of culture operation in both extensive and modified extensive culture systems. The presence of serve as an indicator of public health safety of water and food destined for human consumption. So an assessment of was done in order to evaluate the health status of the ponds.

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