An alternative to car culture?

Almost all of us have, at some point, rued our slavish dependence on cars. But the exasperation has always been fleeting. Most of us bear with traffic congestion and car breakdowns and brave unsafe roads, comforting ourselves with the thought that there are no alternatives. But there actually are. The website under review takes you on a tour to such a world.

Run by the Czech Republic-based, World Carfree Network, the site promotes alternatives to car dependence and car culture, including alternative modes such as cycling, walking and public transport. The network grew out of the activities of Car Busters, an international organisation within the carfree movement.

The movement's activities are presently confined to Europe and the US. But that doesn't take anything away from its relevance.Middle classes in most parts of the Third World have matched their counterparts in the First World for autoholism (to borrow a term made popular by the carfree movement).

Besides links to projects run by the network, the site also connects you to selections from Carbuster magazine

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