Exercises in upgradation

WITH the flood situation in the North- east taking a turn for the worse during the monsoons, the 3 master plans for flood control are being assessed for updating. Slated for upgraclation are master plan part 1 for the main stem of the Brahmaputra river, master plan part 2 covering the Barak sub-basin and master plan part 3 involving the 38 tributaries of the Brahmaputra in the Brahmaputra valley and-Ahe 8 tributaries in Tripura.

The Brahmaputra board has identified certain areas as specifically flood prone. These include Majuli 1-island, Biswanath, Laopara, Howlighat. Kaziranga and other areas in the Brahmaputra valley and several in the Barak valley overlooking the Barak river.

In the plans, 3 major reasons have been cited behind the floods in the north-eastern region. They are high rainfall combined with the narrowness of the valley, and encroachment on the flood plain as a result of the increase in population and frequent earthquakes.

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