Blue carbon policy framework

Blue Carbon activities refer to a suite of sustainable policy, management and planning activities in coastal ecosystems to reduce emissions from conversion and degradation and to conserve and sustainably manage coastal carbon sinks. The updated framework set out in this document describes a coordinated program to support the development and implementation of strategic policy and incentive mechanisms for conservation, restoration and sustainable use of coastal Blue Carbon ecosystems. The Blue Carbon Policy Framework has five specific Policy Objectives: Integrate Blue Carbon activities fully into the international policy and financing processes of the UNFCCC as part of mechanisms for climate change mitigation; Integrate Blue Carbon activities fully into other carbon finance mechanisms such as the voluntary carbon market as a mechanism for climate change mitigation; Develop a network of Blue Carbon demonstration projects; Integrate Blue Carbon activities into other international, regional and national frameworks and policies, including coastal and marine frameworks and policies; Facilitate the inclusion of the carbon value of coastal ecosystems in the accounting of ecosystem services.

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