State action plan on climate change for Andhra Pradesh

The Government of India released the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) in 2008 as part of an ambitious domestic action plan to address climate change. The NAPCC focuses on mitigation of climate change (CC) and protecting the vulnerable sections of society through an inclusive and sustainable development strategy that also enhances ecological sustainability and innovation. Although the Central Government is the key authority in shaping the climate change policy and creating the necessary institutional mechanism for its implementation, involvement of the State Governments in this process is crucial. With the formulation of a national policy on CC, it has become imperative to achieve coherence between strategies and actions at national and State levels. Most of the adaptation challenges such as coastal zone disasters, droughts, adverse human health effect, depleting water resources, are experienced at the State level and programmes aimed at improving the adaptive ability are also undertaken and implemented at State level. For certain sectors like industries and energy, the solution lies in implementing mitigation interventions at the State level. In this context, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken this initiative to prepare the State Level Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) to enable it to address existing and future climate risks and vulnerabilities.

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