Environmental master plan of Alwar district

The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India vide its Gazette Notification No. S.O. 1189 (E) dated 29th November, 1999, delegating the power conferred on it to State Government of Rajasthan, interalia directed the State Government to initiate steps to prepare a Master Plan for the development of the area covered by the Aravali Notification integrating environmental concerns and keeping in view the future land use of the area. This Master Plan has been prepared with the following objectives: Study of the natural resource base and the ecosystem dynamics in the district of Alwar in Aravali Region indicating the specific areas listed in Aravali Notification, 1992; Study of existing status of air, land, water, forest and biodiversity resources and the threats these resources are currently facing; Study that how these resources have been utilised by the human population over time leading to review of traditional practices of using the resources vis-à-vis modern methods of management and exploitation systems; Evaluation of stresses on the systems – stress caused by industrialisation, tourism and pilgrimage, mining activities etc.; Delineation of trade offs that have to be made in different regions between environment and development through traditional or proposed institutions for resource management; Futuristic evaluation and assessment of above on a time scale; and Preparation of Environmental Master Plan using compatible modelling technique supported by GIS system