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Sustainable livelihoods strategy 2011

01/06/2011 | WWF Nepal

The Sustainable Livelihoods Strategy -2011 was developed by WWF Nepal based on learnings from the ground with partners and civil society. The strategy document aims at enhancing the understanding of the linkage between conservation and livelihoods in the local context and the rationale behind mainstreaming livelihoods and social issues in key conservation targets (Forests, Species, Freshwater and Climate Change). The strategy document outlines the major areas of scope whereby the mainstreaming strategy will address the underlying root causes, threats and drivers that affect the achievement of twin conservation and livelihoods goals. These include: Forests and habitat, species, wildlife trade and crime control, freshwater and wetland conservation, response to climate change impact and adaptation measures, and good governance and social inclusion including policy and advocacy for equity and capacity. The document also describes the expected major areas of change and broader impacts that will be brought about after mainstreaming the sustainable livelihoods strategy


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