Disturbed by the increasing tendency of some industrialised nations to dump their hazardous waste on its shores, China has strengthened its anti- dumping laws. The new law, aimed at curbing the "invasion of foreign garbage", came into effect from April 1. Now, those who ship solid wastes into China for dumping, piling up or disposal, or - those who import such wastes as raw materials without legal permission, will be liable to a penalty of upto us $120,000. Chinese authorities intercepted 22 attempts by foreign vessels to dump more than 3,000 tonnes of hazardous waste on their territory. Loopholes in the previously existing laws had allowed foreign garbage to creep into China. Offenders went scot order to return the confiscated garbage to its country of origin. Plastic bags, bottles, polluting waste metals, poisonous chemical wastes and many more solid and semi-solid wastes constitute the garbage that is being dumped in China.

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