Decentralise And Rule

You hold three things responsible for your election victory: price rise, poor performance of the BJP government at the Centre, and devolution of power to the people in MP. How much did the third factor contribute?
Though it is difficult to assess, it definitely contributed in a very substantial way.

Did you realise this before the elections?
I was Lonvinced about it. That's why I was the only one predicting that the Congress would win since day one.

You having said once: "it is impossible to do politics with a green agenda". What is your opinion now?
I didn't mean it the way it sounds. What I wanted to say is that environmental issues still fail to get the kind of attention they do in European countries. People and politicians are yet to be aware of the environment's inevitable impact on our lives.

In future how are you going to pursue this green agenda ?
The same way as I am doing at present, but even more vigorously. I will decentralise and give more power to people. I believe the state of the environment is closely linked to devolution of power.

Was it an easy decision, transferring power to the people and bypassing politicians?
It was difficult in the beginning. But now everybody is convinced that it makes our job more gainful and easy.

Local bodies became part of the party cadre in West Bengal. Do you fear this might happen in Madhya Pradesh?
Unlike West Bengal our local bodies are apolitical in nature. We have provided them with an agenda. Watershed development, education or governing their lives. 'I hey do not have to run to Bhopal for anything. Also do not hold elections to these bodies on party lines.

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