Hong Kong

  • Virus alert

    Virus alert

    A strain of the virus that causes bird influenza has been implicated in the death of a three year old boy in Hong Kong. The case, though isolated, has sent alarm bells ringing

  • Hong kong

    The government will invest us $100 million for the growth and diversification of marine life during the next four years. The decision has come at a time when conservationists had been


    In a bid to salvage its depleting shores, Hong Kong recently earmarked its first marine parks and marine reserve. On September 30, three coastal areas were placed under protection: a 20 ha marine



    As if the controversial Daya Bay nuclear plant was not enough, another nuclear power plant is coming up within 60 km of Hong Kong's coast amid concerns over marine contamination. For the



    A Hong Kong- based company finally got out of an unsavoury situation when the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) gave it permission to dump 43 million cartons of soured soy milk and fruit

  • Leukaemia links

    Leukaemia links

    Explaining the rise of 400 per cent cases of leukaemia, Raymond Liang Hin-Suen of the University of Hong Kong has recently postulated the incidence of the malady with exposure to organic


    Golfers and green activists have struck upon the novel idea of turning rubbish dumps into golf courses. In land-starved Hong Kong, concerned authorities are eager to redevelop four of its 13 old



    To beat the spiralling land prices and reduce the existing pressure on land in the country, the government of Hong Kong is looking towards various alternatives, and caves happen to be one of

  • Dolphins in danger

    Dolphins in danger

    An ambitious airport project threatens to decimate the rare dolphins that inhabit the waters to the west of Hong Kong

  • Chinese particle invasion

    The Hong Kong government has been urged to formulate standards for fine particulate matter (fpm) in ambient air. A recent study reveals that fpm levels in Hong Kong are nearly four times higher

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