• Widening chasm

    The Indian subcontinent and Australia are moving away from each other. This is the result of the cracking up of the massive Indo- Australian crustal plate just south of the equator beneath the

  • Pole track

    The South Pole is given to changing its location every year, making the exact pinpointing ofits site, a difficult job. But, with the "advent of the Global Positioning System -the satellite based

  • Sparkling clues

    Sparkling clues

    Diamonds not only have glamour value; research reveals that they have helped solve a long standing puzzle on recycling capabilities of the earth's crust

  • Not more, not less

    Oxygen is the component that sustains life on earth. Too much or too little of it could change the entire life scenario on the planet. How does nature then keep the oxygen content in check?

  • United we stand

    United we stand

    Various theories have attempted to explain the origin and positioning of the earth' continents. A new hypothesis now suggests that there, perhaps, was only one huge continental land mass instead of the two supercontinents thought to exist before

  • Quake quest

    Japan is setting up a US $40 million laser-based monitoring station - Keystone - to help predict earthquakes. It will he set up around the Tokyo Bay area which lies at the junction of

  • Hot spot motion

    In a startling revelation, US geoscientist Ian Norton of the Exxon Exploration Company in Houston, Texas has claimed that the hot spot in the deep mantle under the Pacific plates has

  • To quake or not to quake

    To quake or not to quake

    Earthquakes occurring below oceans have been the subject of intense speculation of seismologists across the globe. Theories of the past have failed to pinpoint the exact cause of why or how earthquakes ensue. A new theory now tries to demystify t

  • Sparkles galore

    Shimmering diamonds are not just earthly in origin. They can also be interstellar and meteoritic. From the depths of the earth to the expanses of the sky, it seems that, diamonds are not only forever but also all pervasive

  • Killed by a belch

    Killed by a belch

    Carbon dioxide, the killer gas in today's world seems to have been the culprit aeons ago too. It has been identified as the gas which possibly led to mass extinctions some 250 million years ago

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