Wild Boar

  • Suspected swine fever killing wild boars in Poba Reserve Forest

    Though there seems to be increased concerns for the conservation of wildlife in the State, the threatened habitat of the wild boars in the Poba Reserve Forest (RF) seems to have eluded attention. The Poba RF is situated at Jonai, under Dhemaji district and around 100 km from Dhemaji town. Unabated deforestation, encroachment, erosion and, to add to it, hunting of wildlife have threatened the fauna in the RF. Currently the wild boars in the RF are afflicted with an anthrax-like viral disease, and recently about 20 boars have died of infections. This was disclosed by the authorities of the RF, who perceived that the swine fever has taken a toll on the boars. Environmental activists and some nature-loving NGO's have criticized the authority concerned for their complacent attitude in controlling the spread of the disease. It has been learnt from sources that the disease starts with an ulcer-like growth that spreads through the whole body and ultimately leads to the death of the animal. The people of Jonai have urged the SDO (Civil) to communicate the state of affairs as well as the concerns of the people at large to the higher authorities for eradicating the disease as soon as possible, given the fact that the wild boars are a rare species. Besides the boars, there are other endangered wildlife species in the RF. The Deputy Commissioner of the district has also been appraised of the situation. There has been demands by the local people to declare the Poba RF as a "Bio-reserve' and to take steps towards its conservation in view of the rampant deforestation, erosion and encroachment in the area. Many rare orchids and medicinal plants are also found in the RF, and possibilities of it being a bio-diversity hotspot cannot be ruled out.

  • Permits revoked

    considering the negative fallout from the decision to make shooting of wild boars and blue bulls legal, the Punjab Wildlife Preservation Department has cancelled all permits issued earlier to hunt

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