In Short

>> South Australian authorities have found a cane toad in the capital city, Adelaide. They say the toad is a stray case and not an indication that cane toads have migrated to the state. They are carrying out intensive night-time surveillance and trapping programme to determine if other cane toads are present in the area.

>> Sri Lanka has initiated a milk campaign to encourage fresh milk consumption and boost milk production in the country. The government has opened 118 milk outlets across the country, selling 5,500 litres of milk every day. The campaign aims to increase local milk production from 15 per cent to 50 per cent by 2015. The country relies heavily on imported milk powder.

>> Bolivia has declared a national emergency after severe floods battered the country's northeastern region and killed 51 people. The floods have forced evacuation of thousands of people and destroyed crops and roadways since November. The unusually heavy rains are blamed on the La Nina phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.

>> A cholera outbreak in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo has spread despite efforts by authorities to bring the epidemic under control. The disease has infected 4,029 people and claimed 97 lives since September 2007.

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