Report on behalf of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on the use of enzyme Draynzyme to clean waterbodies, 04/04/2024

  • 04/04/2024

Report on behalf of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on the use of chemicals in cleaning water bodies. Bavdhan area was included in the Pune Municipal Corporation limits in the year 2021. To address the issue of sewage contamination in Ramnadi which flows through Bavdhan area, M/s Quinquent Industries Pvt Ltd, Pune approached Pune Municipal Corporation with their product called Draynzyme. Draynzyme is an enzyme based product. Draynzyme is a product which does not contain live bacteria, but is used to aid bacteria in the ecosystem to use the nutrients available to them more efficiently as they no longer have to expend energy on their own to produce enzymes needed to break complex waste found in modern day sewage.

The effect of this product on aquatic life was tested by Charotar University for Science and Technology, Gujarat. The certificate about no toxicity and safety was issued for Draynzyme. In addition, lab reports from NEERI were submitted in which the pollution levels were found to be reduced by using Draynzyme in lab samples.

A small scale trial was conducted to understand the impact of Draynzyme on water hyacinth. The trial was done on an area of 40 sq ft hyacinth affected by a stagnant water pool along Ramnadi.  It was observed that the hyacinth dried after few days in the area of application.  

M/s Quinquent Industries Pvt. Ltd. has approached IITR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow to test the samples of Dryanzyme. Though the preliminary results reveals that the water hyacinth dried out within four days also the BOD and COD levels are showing good results. Pune Municipal Corporation may plan to use these products in future only after receiving NOC from IITR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow.