Landscape of guarantees for climate finance in EMDEs

Cross-border guarantees are an important but underused tool for mobilizing private climate finance. A recent OECD evaluation found that guarantees leveraged 26% of all mobilized private finance between 2018-2020 and were among the preferred risk mitigation tools of private investors. Studies suggest that larger and more effective credit guarantee facilities have the potential to mobilize 6-25 times more financing than loans. Their importance is even greater in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs), where geopolitical uncertainty and financial instability often hinder investment. Yet, the landscape of guarantee instruments and actors is fragmented. Climate Policy Initiative has conducted a mapping exercise to better understand the landscape of guarantees for EMDEs. This aimed to highlight key gaps in the uptake of guarantees for climate finance and identify areas where further research is needed to increase their scale and effectiveness for climate finance in EMDEs.