Digital transformation for inclusive and sustainable development in Asia

Rapid and unpredictable digital technology innovation is reshaping economic, social, and cultural systems. Information and communications technology (ICT) disparities lead to imbalanced development, widening short-term digital divides. Within this framework, policy development fosters inclusion, ensures access, raises awareness, enhances skills, and promotes sustainability in emerging technologies. Despite notable technological strides in Asia and the Pacific and an engaged and connected user base, there is growing regional disparity in digital access. This digital divide necessitates a comprehensive understanding of digitalization, accounting for the interlinkages between domestic economies, technology, institutions, the environment, climate, and human development. With a focus on Asia and the Pacific, Digital Transformation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Asia provides an evidence-based policy framework and implications for economies in the region to foster digitalization and achieve their development goals. It examines the impediments of the digital divide and digital transformation for sustainability. It also delves into the emerging issues of digital finance for resilience and prosperity and digital trade. Providing country-specific insights, it aims to inform regional and global policy initiatives and promote equitable growth and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

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