The Punjab Canal and Drainage Bill, 2023

The Government of Punjab on November 28, 2023, notified the Punjab Canal and Drainage Bill, 2023. The main objective of the Bill is to ensure hindrance-free canal waters to farmers and land owners for irrigation purposes, maintenance, repair and timely cleanliness of canals, drainages and natural water courses. Apart from this, it aims to ensure a fair and transparent mechanism for the redressal of grievances of water users and other regulatory restrictions against unnecessary wastage of water. The government shall provide and maintain suitable means of crossing canals for the reasonable convenience of the inhabitants of the adjacent lands," he said, adding that the government may issue a general policy for bridges or ramps (field paths, footbridges etc) on the canal from time to time as and when required. Similarly, the settlement of disputes between the landowners related to the maintenance and cleaning of the water courses will be ensured.