National register of large (specified) dams 2023

National Register of Large (Specified) Dams is a compilation of the specified dams in the country prepared as per information received from the State Government /Authority concerned. As embark on a new phase of Dam Safety with the enactment of Dam Safety Act'2021 in order to provide surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of dams for prevention of dam failure related disasters, the National Register of Large (Specified) Dams delivers an inventory of large dams in the Country either constructed or under construction along with other relevant information. The meticulous compilation of data, encompassing dam characteristics and operational parameters, empowers stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers with invaluable insights to make informed decisions and shape policies on dam safety. As per this Register, India has 6138 nos. of completed large dams and another 143 nos. of dam that are under construction. Among all the States/ UTs, Maharashtra leads the table with 2333 no. of large dams constructed and further 41 no. of dams under construction.