Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding illegal mining during the course of construction of Bundelkhand Expressway Project, Jalon district, Uttar Pradesh, 04/10/2023

  • 04/10/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Arun Tiwari Vs State of Uttar Pradesh dated 04/10/2023.

The Original Application has been registered on the basis of the letter petition dated June 12, 2023 sent by Arun Tiwari, resident of village Narcha, post Nunsai, district Jalon, Uttar Pradesh. The allegation was that in the course of construction of Bundelkhand Expressway Project, the illegal mining of soil upto 10-15 meters depth from the farmer’s land is being done by the Project Proponent-M/s Gower Construction Limited in collusion with the officers of Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPIDA).

It was alleged that on account of this illegal activity, the road has been damaged at several places. Further allegation is that for the said project, the mining is going on since February 2020 whereas the application seeking permission for mining has been made in 2021 and that on account of illegal deep mining, hundreds of cattles have died and the damage to the environment has been caused. As against the permission for mining upto 2 meters depth, the mining has been carried out by the Project Proponent in the agricultural field from 20 to 55 feet deep and illegal mining from the agricultural field of many agriculturalists has been done without even seeking the permission.

The NGT, October 4 directed for the constitution of a joint committee comprising the Member Secretary, UPPCB, representative of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the concerned Executive Engineer of Public Works Department of the state and the District Magistrate, Jalon. The joint Committee will find out on the spot the extent of illegal mining, if any, done by the Project Proponent and also the damage to the environment caused in that process and will also suggest the preventive and remedial measures. The joint committee has to submit a report on or before the next date of hearing, December 15, 2023.