Review of regulation for use of DG sets in NCR

The Commission, from time to time, observed and has sensitized all stakeholders that amongst other contributors, large-scale use of Diesel Generating sets is a major contributing factor for deterioration of air quality in the region. To this end, the Commission, since February, 2022 and from time to time, thereafter, has issued Directions, Orders, Advisory etc. for control of emissions from such DG sets and their regulated operations. Arising out of a review in the matter related to progress made in the field level implementation, the Commission issued a comprehensively revised Direction No. 73 dated 02.06.2023 for regulated operations of DG sets across all sectors in the NCR including Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Office establishments etc., w.e.f. 01.10.2023, with a view to derive the benefit of abatement of air pollution, owing to this vital sector, in the ensuing winter.

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