Accelerating the energy transition by rethinking power-system flexibility: imperatives for the G20

In the wake of the energy crisis triggered by the Russian war on Ukraine, G20 countries—and the rest of the world—have become exposed to the risks of energy insecurity. To secure the supply and stability of electricity, existing power systems must be redesigned to be forward-looking and fit for net-zero. Every country will have a different approach and solutions; however, all should engineer their policies to harness more flexibility in their power systems and align their power sector transitions with the Paris Agreement. This policy brief looks to establish the need for development and implementation of necessary policy reforms to increase renewable energy supply for energy security; the G20’s role in identifying the biggest policy impediments to agile power sector transformation; and what India’s presidency must do to ensure that the G20 countries—both in the Global North and South—steps up to show leadership in renewables and enhanced grid flexibility.