Order of the High Court of Gujarat on cattle menace, 11/07/2023

  • 11/07/2023

Order of the High Court of Gujarat in the matter of Mustak Hussain Mehndi Hussain Kadri Vs Jagadip Narayan Singh dated 11/07/2023.

The matter related to cattle menace in Gujarat.

Gujarat High Court directed the state of Gujarat to frame policy or issued administrative instructions "crystallizing the steps, which are to be taken to enforce the control of the cattle menace in the entire state".

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had informed the court that a policy was already framed in order to address cattle menace, however the same was returned by the Standing Committee in the month of April 2023 for further examination.

In fact, the state of Gujarat as per directions of the High Court was also supposed to frame a policy/ guideline so that it can be applicable to the Nagarpalikas and State Municipal Corporations.

The High Court observed that the coordinate bench had repeatedly issued directions in this regard concerning 156 nagarpalikas and 8 corporations of the state "so that the law enunciated by this court as well as directions issued by this court are complied with". However, even after passage of more than four years, neither AMC nor the state has framed any concrete policy/guidelines/administrative instructions in the form of circulars and resolutions regulating the cattle menace.