Report by MoEF&CC regarding cracks developing in houses in Nai Basti due to landslide, Doda district, Jammu & Kashmir, 24/05/2023

  • 24/05/2023

Report by MoEF&CC in Original Application No 93 of 2023 regarding news item published in The Hindu dated 04/02/2023 titled '19 families shifted after houses and Jammu & Kashmir village develop cracks'.

The NGT, February 17, 2023 directed the constitution of a joint committee to be headed by the Chief Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir. The committee was entrusted with the task of suggesting remedial measures to prevent environmental damage in the light of carrying capacity, hydro geology studies, geo-morphological studies and also covering allied and incidental issues. The committee has prepared a draft report which contains recommendations and suggestions.

The draft report said that no further civil construction within the affected area of Nai Basti, Doda district should be allowed. In view of the coming monsoon season, the affected area needs to be under observation of the district administration. In case of any new sign of major cracks in houses outside the affected area, residents should be evacuated immediately.

Further, as a precautionary measure, people living in houses outside the affected area and adjoining houses/structures not yet affected should also be asked to relocate to a safer place. A retention wall of around 400 meter with weep holes is to be constructed near the base of the landslide area at the road level to stop any further slope failure. All the cracks have to be filled up with cement slurry well before the onset of monsoon to control the percolation of rain water/surface water and to monitor any further displacements.