Order of the Supreme Court of India regarding permission to cut 12575 mangrove by Prism Johnson in Raigad district, Maharashtra, 24/04/2023

  • 24/04/2023

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Bombay Environmental Action Group Vs Prism Johnson Ltd & Others dated 24/04/2023.

Bombay Environmental Action Group, the petitioner has challenged the judgment of the Bombay High Court, whereby Prism Johnson Ltd was permitted to cut 12575 mangrove spanning approximately 5.03 hectares in the ecologically sensitive area covered within Coastal Regulation Zone in the Raigad district.

The counsel for the petitioner submitted that the ecological implication for destruction of the mangrove was not appropriately considered by the High Court. According to the petitioner, the destruction of the mangrove would have implication not only for the flora and fauna but also for the mudflat in the concerned coastal area, in the Raigad district.

The Supreme Court directed notice to be issued on the Special Leave Petition as also on the prayer for interim relief.