Guidelines to regulate and control groundwater extraction 2023

The Central Ground Water Authority on March 29, 2023, issued an amendment to notification no. S.O. 3289 (E) September 24, 2020, which states “The guidelines to regulate and control groundwater extraction”. The following has been stated namely: Paragraph 1.0 which states “Exemptions from seeking No Objection Certificate”, the following has been inserted namely: “(vi) All industries/ mining projects/infrastructure projects drawing ground water only for drinking/ domestic purposes up to 5 Cum /day in all assessment units. (vii) Residential Apartments and Group Housing Societies”. In Paragraph 4.0 which states “Commercial Use” para 3 has been substituted namely: “Commercial entities extracting groundwater shall be required to submit online water audit report including an audit of water use as mentioned in the relevant sections. CGWA/ State Ground Water Authority (SGWA) shall publish all such audit reports online”. In Paragraph 6.0 which states “Bulk Water Supply” sub-para 2 has been substituted namely: “All those users abstracting ground water and using it for supply as bulk water supplies through private tankers shall mandatorily seek No Objection Certificate for ground water abstraction as per Guidelines for Bulk water suppliers as issued and updated by CGWA from time to time”. In Paragraph 7.0 which states “Abstraction of Saline ground water” sub-para 3 has been substituted namely: “Abstraction of saline ground water shall be according to the Guidelines for Saline Ground Water Abstraction as issued and updated by CGWA from time to time.”

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